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You might taste a bready, toasty flavor, or you might detect a hint of honey along with your biscuits. The Altissio will give you a new experience with every cup. Only one thing is for sure: Costa Rica doesn't skimp on flavors. These coffee beans are sure to create an espresso that you'll remember long after you've drained the last drops. The Altissio offers a rich, powerful taste that will complement everything from breakfast foods to after-dinner desserts. Part of this is due to its natural flavor make-up, but another part is because of its customization potential with milk and cream.

You'll smell this one before it's even done brewing! Crisp and sweet, the Voltesso has a mouthwatering aroma that combines everything from hazelnuts to brown sugar. Its texture is also rich, smooth and well-balanced, so you'll enjoy swirling it around your cup before you actually take a sip. Cereal notes give it a luscious aftertaste, and its Brazilian bourbon beans keep it from being overwhelmingly saccharine. The Voltesso is an espresso that knows how to balance its flavors, so all of its drinkers benefit.

Give it a try on a cold morning and become a convert. When it comes to the Voltesso , it's hard to know which is more appetizing: the fragrance or the taste. It's an espresso that will make your whole kitchen smell like a high-end bakery. Maybe you're watching your caffeine intake. Maybe you enjoy the taste of an espresso but could do without the mid-morning energy crash. Whatever your reasons for seeking a decaffeinated beverage, the Decaffeinato Intenso is what you want.

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It has a sweet, almost cocoa-like flavor that can be enhanced even further with froth and crema, so you won't have to grimace at any bitterness. It also has a full-body balance that's entirely independent of its caffeine content. You get the best of both worlds when you drink the Decaffeinato Intenso. Give your blood pressure a rest with the Decaffeinato Intenso. It's a coffee beverage that's rich with flavor but not caffeine, so it's slightly better for your heart than regular espresso.

Are you someone who doesn't want or need fancy espresso drinks? You can still enjoy rich, decadent flavors with regular coffee pods, and here are just a few brands that will prove it. Intenso lives up to its name by providing a real kick in the teeth for those sluggish mornings when you need something strong to wake you up. It's made with robusta beans from Guatemala and arabica beans from Mexico, so it draws from the deepest, darkest parts of South American coffee lore, and it's brewed hot and strong to ensure that you'll get your caffeine fix.

There are brown sugar notes to offset its boldness, and you can add milk to create a kind of caramel aftertaste. While it's not a coffee flavor to be taken lightly, it isn't without a little sugar in its spice.


Intenso is a strong, dark-roasted coffee that will become one of your go-to pod choices after a long night. If it doesn't get you caffeinated and ready to go, nothing will! Like a storm in a cup, Stormio offers an exotic blend of flavors that will hit your senses like thunder and lightning. There's something almost spicy about it, but there are also strong cereal notes that bring to mind the taste of bread, toast, granola and other crunchy breakfast foods. Pair it with your morning meal if you like, or enjoy Stormio as an afternoon pick-me-up or evening dessert coffee.

It's suitable for all hours of the day, making it both a tasty and versatile choice in coffee pods. It's hard to describe the Odacio line without resorting to cliches like "sweet yet subtle" and "fruity yet earthy. It's percent arabica, so you don't have to worry about quality, but its complexity might be unlike anything that you've tasted before.

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It's a study in contrasts, and the flavor profile is amazing for it, but it can be difficult to capture its true essence in words. Combining both long-roasted and light-roasted flavors, the Odacio will take you across thousands of miles of South America with a single cup. You might not have imagined Nicaragua and Ethiopia going well together, but Odacio proves it true!

Coming from the lighter side of the VertuoLine, the Melozio is softer and sweeter than other pods on this list. It offers a mild taste that merely hints at toasted cereal notes instead of declaring them outright, and there's a suggestion of honey in its sweetness, too.

You can also add milk to work up a crema and enhance its biscuit-y flavor. Given its light, fresh taste, you might not be able to fully appreciate its bourbon roots, but you'll definitely recognize Central America in its beans.

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No one brews coffee like the Brazilians, and the Melozio is a great sample of their work. With a mild, almost honeyed taste, the Melozio is perfect for lazy mornings when you want to sip on something sweet. It's not a drink meant for gulping, so take your time and savor it. You've probably guessed from the name that Hazelino contains hazelnut flavors. But did you know that it also hints at sugar, butter and boiled nuts?

The praline makes this coffee flavor taste like a snack that you can actually eat, especially when you add milk for an even creamier blend. It has a smooth, well-balanced texture, and it's mild enough that it barely kicks on the way down. You could throw back several Hazelinos before you were even aware that you'd done it, so it's probably a good thing that it comes in single-serve pods.

Think of your waistline! Made with the smoothest blend that the VertuoLine line has to offer, the Hazelino will delight coffee drinkers who enjoy sweet, nutty flavors.

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  4. If you've never tried such a beverage before, this is the brand to sample. With a silky, velvety taste, the Vanizio will fool you into thinking that it's a ridiculously expensive and decadent cup of coffee. The good news is that it's still from the budget-friendly Nespresso line that you know and love; it just feels like a luxurious flavor since it's an ultra-smooth blend with just enough vanilla notes to spark off your taste buds. It also suggests at cereal notes, making it a perfect complement to a breakfast of toast, oatmeal, waffles or biscuits. Like a fine wine, it can be paired with certain foods to bring out its full flavor profile, so don't be afraid to experiment.

    Silky vanilla notes combine with a smooth, even blend to make the Vanizio an extravagant coffee choice. It's a high-end experience without the high-end price tag. Who doesn't love the taste of caramel? Whether you're using the sugar to wake yourself up or the smoothness to soften the edges of a hard day, the Caramelizio will delight you in more ways than one. It has distinct notes of nuts, vanilla and caramel, but it's still mild enough as a medium roast that these flavors aren't overpowering.

    They'll just linger as an aftertaste that will make you smack your lips and wonder why you're craving a candy bar all of a sudden. It's definitely a dessert coffee, but you don't have to be a dessert lover to enjoy it. Anyone with a distinguished palette can appreciate its complex mix of tastes. Smooth and sweet, the Caramelizio will give you a sugar rush in liquid form. You might not want to down it before bed, but it's great for getting yourself hyped before an activity or event. The light, fruity flavors of the Elvazio make it the perfect capsule choice for people who don't like their coffee to taste like coffee.

    Instead of a dark sludge that's just meant to get you through the day, the Elvazio is an almost delicate blend that will complement everything from brunches to garden parties. It's lightly roasted but deeply flavorful, and you'll taste sweet, slightly sugary notes with every sip. You can also add a dash of milk to give it an even creamier taste with an enhanced body. It might not be a "strong" coffee, but the Elvazio is certainly a delicious one. Colombians know coffee, so trust in their beans when you buy the Elvazio.

    It's fresh and fun, and it's sure to be a hit at your next social gathering. The Giornio packs a lot of flavor into a light roast. It's not overwhelming, but it has a distinct taste, texture and aroma that you'll come to recognize with every cup, and you might even start to crave it when you're in the mood for something sweet. Some people say that it tastes like a hazelnut blend; others think that it's earthier and spicier, but all are agreed that it has a rich, nutty taste that froths well.

    This arrangement of tastes is probably due to the split nature of its beans. You can taste both Kenya and Ethiopia in its roast, and it's a combination that will definitely leave you coming back for more. Sweet but solid, the Giornio is perfect as both a standalone drink and a companion to snacks and desserts. Just be prepared to taste something different every time! The fresh, fruity flavors of the Solelio make it a lightly-roasted blend that will please coffee drinkers of all types.

    If you're a flavor aficionado, you'll love the fact that you can taste the red fruits of Africa right there in your cup; if you're a caffeine addict, you'll appreciate that the Solelio tastes mild but still provides a great energy boost. The only real flaw of this flavor is that it comes in single-serve form, so you'll need to brew it again and again when you inevitably come to love it and want to drink it all of the time. It's the kind of coffee that creates addicts!

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    The Solelio offers a fun and fruity flavor for coffee drinkers who want something a little different than the traditional dark-and-strong java. Who says that coffee has to stick to the bottom of the mug to be worthwhile? Offering a wide variety of coffee makers and drink flavors, Nespresso is one of the biggest names in java. Their VertuoLine line gives you the chance to experience their latest and greatest creations How do they even work? What factors should go into your purchase decision? VertuoLine coffee makers are single-serve machines that work via pods or capsules.

    All you have to do is place the pod inside the coffee maker, press the button and wait. You'll have a single cup of coffee ready for consumption within minutes! Not only is this faster than waiting for an entire pot to brew, but it also enables you to make small specialty drinks like cappuccinos and macchiatos from the comfort of your own home. You can forget about waiting in line for hours behind frustrating customers with complicated drink orders.

    From creamy vanilla to rich hazelnut, there are dozens of coffee and espresso flavors available through the VertuoLine. The good news is that you don't have to know specific brewing instructions for each one. Every pod comes with a magnetic bar code that the coffee maker will automatically detect, and it will brew your chosen flavor with the right time and temperature to bring out its nuances.

    For example, some bitter espresso drinks have short, intense brewing times while others are roasted for longer periods to draw out sweeter flavors. VertuoLine coffee makers don't use pumps. They employ Nespresso's patented "centrifusion technology" to rapidly spin the capsules and create their own centrifugal force. At its most efficient, this centrifusion technology can achieve more than 7, rotations per minute, so it's great for blending a smooth and well-balanced cup of joe. Of course, there are some coffee drinkers out there who prefer their machines to use pumps; they say that the coffee tastes better when made that way.

    You'll have to decide for yourself if Nespresso's centrifusion technique is a feature or a flaw. All of the pods available through the Nespresso VertuoLine are ranked on an intensity scale of This measurement has nothing to do with caffeine, so don't assume that a higher number means a bigger kick!

    The way that Nespresso uses it, "intensity" simply refers to the degree of roasting that the beans have undergone. More offers from Nespresso can be found at Coupons. Read More. Kmart Coupons. Crate and Barrel Coupons. Hammacher Schlemmer Coupons. CB2 Coupons. Sur La Table Coupons. Lowes Coupons. KitchenAid Coupons. Home Depot Canada Coupons. UnbeatableSale Coupons. Compact Appliance Coupons. Food Network Store Coupons. Coffee for Less Coupons. Rachael Ray Store Coupons. Bodum Coupons. Appliances Connection Coupons. Butter Bell Coupons.

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